Wing Fanchu is an Alpha Stream student. He originates from Japan, and was taken to HIVE, albeit the reasons remain confusing at present.

Higher Institute of Villainous EducationEdit

During his capture, he has displayed remarkable martial arts abilities, and a unusually high stamina. He injured 3 of his captures and multiple sleeper pulses before he succumbed.

At HIVE, he became fast friends with Otto Malpense, meeting him on the shroud during their transition to HIVE. The stuck together during the initiation process, and was assigned to be room mates shortly after. He also befriended Laura Brand and Shelby Trinity during the next couple of days.


Wing is usually a very quiet person, often meditating while appearing to the others asif he is asleep. He is known for keeping his emotions tightly under control, and usually not displaying them. Shelby regards him as having a natural poker face.

As of current, Wing is the only person whom Raven has taken to training, and the only student who can claim to have a bond with her. His martial arts abilities has improvent significantly during his training at HIVE, being able to take on multiple opponents with ease. He also excells in stealth training and assignments, having a friendly competition with Shelby..

Wing is fiercly loyal to his friends, and has risen on multiple occations to the protection of his friends. In Rogue, he disobeyed direct orders to ensure that he could aid in the retrieval of Otto, who has been captured by hostile forces. He and Shelby has been verbally sparring almost since they met, others noticing the mutual attraction between them. In Zero Hour, they were officially declared a couple.

Though he is reluctant about taking about his past, it is known that Wings mother died in a assassinsation attempt. He didnt have a good relationship with his father, the latter being to much focussed on his work, especially since his mother died. His father, struck with grief, faked his on death to become Cypher, on of G.L.O.V.E.'s more notorious agents and later traitor, in order to "rescue" Wing from HIVE, having an intense dislike of Nero.

During missions, Wing usually takes up multiple roles". He wont hesitate to defend his friends, but is also quite capable on infiltrating secured areas, and taking on more agressive roles. He is able to drive various vehicles, and is also capable of using multiple firearms, but is reluctant to do so due to a promise he made to his mother.